Best Health Food for Breakfast to Eat in the Morning

We all know the importance of health food for breakfast to start the day on the right foot. However, there are many of us who have just enough time to sit down and have a healthy breakfast. The morning rush is part of our day to day life and in the end we end up going to the office without having breakfast or having a simple coffee. Our body needs nutrients to activate and perform properly throughout the day, that’s why at Max Center we show you a series of healthy breakfasts so you can start changing your bad routine. You will suck your fingers!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we do not say so, it is also one of the greatest recommendations of health experts . Do you want to know what makes up a healthy breakfast ? Very easy! When preparing your breakfast you must bear in mind that your body needs protein, fiber, healthy fat and some carbohydrate to work properly .


Healthy Breakfasts

After seeing what is necessary to prepare a complete and healthy breakfast, you just have to put it into practice and find which ones you like the most to start the day at 100%.

We understand that many times time does not allow for a great preparation, however, here we bring you some quick and delicious breakfast ideas to help you start on the right path of healthy eating.



Who doesn’t fancy a movie breakfast? Surely you have ever dreamed of those pancakes that appear in American movies, because now you can indulge yourself and do it in the healthiest way. Yes, you read it right! Sasha Fitness teaches us on her networks how to prepare this delicious breakfast without having to face the scale. To do this, you will need a whole egg, two egg whites, a cup of oat flakes, another of vegetable milk, cinnamon and stevia to taste. You can use blueberries or peanut butter to serve them. You will see how delicious!

Yogurt With Fruits


A breakfast that provides calcium and energy, and is also easy to prepare, is a bowl of natural yogurt with fruit cut into pieces is health food for breakfast to go. The ideal is that you use a yogurt without sugar, and if it is Greek, the better. This recipe is perfect for those who have just the right amount of time in the morning. Another option is to leave it prepared the night before and store it in the fridge, you will save time! At the time of serving it you can add a handful of cereals , according to the taste of each one.



Oatmeal is a food loaded with beneficial properties and, best of all health food for breakfast, it is a cereal that you can mix with any type of topping . Since we are talking about a cereal that provides many health benefits, we are sure that it is the perfect idea to start the day strong. There are many variants to prepare a healthy breakfast with oatmeal , from porridge to pancakes, it’s just about finding the way you like to eat it and that’s it. One of our favorite options is a bowl with skimmed milk, oatmeal, chia seeds and a little peanut butter. But, without a doubt, one of the advantages of this ingredient is its versatility, since all kinds of recipes can be made with it.

Fruit Smoothie


A fruit or vegetable smoothie is one of the most complete ways to benefit from the nutrients that the body needs. Choose seasonal fruits to make your smoothies richer and create amazing mixtures, such as banana with orange, oatmeal with apple, strawberries with oatmeal, papaya and carrot… The ideas are endless! A good option for health food for breakfast is to prepare it the night before and leave it in the fridge so that it is very fresh, so you only have to pour it into a glass the next morning.

Whole Wheat Toast


Since with breakfast you must charge the pillars to endure the hectic days of work and study, it is essential to know how to choose which products to eat. We have become addicted to a good whole wheat toast with healthy ingredients. The best? How fast it is to prepare. A good, very nutritious example is to accompany it with peanut butter and banana or goat cheese and avocado, but there are a wide variety of ideas to combine it for health food for breakfast: nuts, turkey breast, apple and cinnamon, tomato,… Which one do you like best?

Banana Pancakes


Who said pancakes can’t be healthy? There is a healthy way to prepare them to enjoy an easy breakfast, rich in flavor and nutrients. To do this, use egg whites and oatmeal or whole wheat flour to create these dreamy dishes. In addition, a good option to add to these pancakes is some type of fruit as a base ingredient, for example,  bananas. Use a frying pan with sprayed oil and you will achieve a nutritious , rich and healthy breakfast, as well as low in calories for the healthiest .



Nothing like starting the day in the healthiest and most powerful way possible by preparing an omelette. This is a great choice for health food for breakfast! There are different ways to prepare them, but a York ham omelette is one of the healthiest options for breakfast, since it is a complete source of protein. Mix this recipe with a piece of fruit and you will get a complete breakfast that will help you face the day with all the energy.



Although it seems more typical of snacks, sandwiches also sneak into Best health food for breakfast that you can make. Choose a sandwich on whole grain or rye bread and use your imagination to prepare it. You can do it with thin slices of turkey, lettuce, tomato and cucumber, you’ll see how delicious it is! A piece of advice that we also give you is to add a dash of oil to make it tastier.



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