10 Cult Movies You Should Have Already Seen

10 Cult Movies You Should Have Already Seen

1. The Great Escape

1st in 10 Cult Movies You Should Have Already Seen List The Great Escape, a classic of escape films where they exist. Set in the Second World War, we will live all the tension and emotion of an escape of British officers captured by German troops. They dream of three tunnels that will give them back the long-awaited freedom. Are you intrigued to know what happens with all this? 

Filmin makes it easy for you with its streaming platform .

2. Gone with the Wind

2nd 10 Cult Movies You Should Have Already Seen is The launch of this classic on Movistar Plus invites you to revisit it. It is one of the most epic and intense plots that have been narrated from Hollywood. From the hand of Scarlett O’Hara, we will immerse ourselves in the American South at the time of the Civil War. Love, passion, hate and history come together in an essential film that you should have already seen.

3. Jurassic World

Jurassic World could be considered the mature sibling of the original Jurassic Park. Why? Because the special effects technology of the 90’s has nothing to do with that of the recent past decade. Thus, we find an ambitious script proposal in which the world of dinosaurs and humans becomes more real than ever. In addition, it served as a pretext for a great game like 

Jurassic World Evolution , one of the 

essentials offered by the Epic Store .

4. The Wizard of Oz

Now it is the turn of one of the great classics of fantasy cinema: 

The Wizard of Oz . With a spectacular Judy Garland in the role of young Dorothy, we will discover 

a world beyond the rainbow . It is also the perfect example of how the entertainment sector revives great classics by adapting them with new technologies. There is, for example, the Wizard of Oz

 themed slot machine , which was inspired by the movie and is available on the 

online casino platformof Betway. This slot allows us to relive scenes from the film with a very successful sound setting. There are also more traditional games, such as board games, that draw from film influences, such as a themed Monopoly based on the Wizard of Oz movie.

5. The Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings trilogy deserves to be on this list in its own right. This is an incredible feat, because it was not easy at all to bring Tolkien’s vast oeuvre to the big screen. If you didn’t see her in her day, you have no excuse. It is also highly recommended to read the books on which the entire plot is based beforehand. La Casa del Libro offers very good special editions and it is difficult not to end up biting the bug of immersing yourself again in the 

Tolkenian universe .

6. The Godfather

Released in 1972 by Francis Ford Coppola, 

The Godfather has indisputably established itself as one of the masterpieces of cinema. The mafia as it had never been represented. Whether you have seen it or not, Amazon Prime allows you to enjoy this great movie with its subscription.

7. Moulin Rouge

What a joy that HBO Spain offers 

Moulin Rouge in its catalogue. It is, perhaps, the best musical film of the 2000s. The exciting story of an impossible and tragic love starring the brilliant Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman continues to move as the first day.

8. Titanic

And since we are talking about love, Titanic , one of the 

10 highest-grossing films in all of film history , cannot be missing from this selection . Under the pretext of narrating the story of the sinking of the 

Titanic , its director transports us to one of the most moving romantic dramas in the history of cinema.

9. Seven

On the opposite side of love is 

Seven , one of the best Brad Pitt movies in living memory. A story of deadly sins, crime, revenge and suspense that keeps the viewer totally on edge throughout the plot. And here we can read.

10. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown

We close this list with an essential classic with a Spanish flavor that you must see: 

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown , by our most internationally famous filmmaker, Pedro Almodóvar. A hilarious and wacky story of several women whose lives intersect and continues to make people laugh today as much as in the crazy 80’s.


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