Which Celebrity Look Alike are You?

Have you ever wondered what celebrity face looks like yours? There are so many of us in the world and there are so many types of famous people that we have all had this curiosity and there must be one. In this article we are going to show you 3 different options for you to try and discover which celebrity you look like.

These websites take advantage of AI technology to analyze the photos and then suggest a list of celebrities who resemble the face you have shown them.

The best thing is that some of these websites also share the face attributes and similarity percentage with the face of several celebrities, so if you don’t look too much alike, you might have Jared Leto’s eyes and hey, he’s not in the mood. all wrong.

Now, if celebrities aren’t your thing, we also have an app that looks for you in a work of art and finds the resemblance to some of the most famous characters from Botticelli or Van Gogh, for example.



This website tells you who your celebrity twin is. Apart from that, it also shares a description of the personality based on the photo you upload (something a bit more random) and shows the percentage of resemblance you have with each of them. It is quite simple to use and allows you to upload a photo or use your webcam to click on a photo and search for celebrity look-alikes .

Like other lookalike generators, it also shares multiple results, so if you don’t like one of them too much, you can always say you look like the other.

Google Arts & Culture (Which Celebrity Look Alike Are you Arts)


Google Arts & Culture (App for Celebrity Look alike)
A new feature in this app reveals how a photo of your face can look like a historical painting. It is based on Google’s digital collection of works of art from museums around the world.

The function has been implemented in the app for iOS and Android. To find your art double , open the Google Arts & Culture app and scroll until you see the feature “Is your portrait in a museum? Tap start and they’ll walk you through the process.

You can download the version for iOS and Android .

Instagram or TikTok filter

On Instagram there is an AR filter that matches you with your famous doppelgänger. The filter that indicates what famous you look like includes Tom Holland, Billie Eilish or Harry Stiles, among many others and uses an AR selector to choose which one you resemble.

Although there have been a few filters that claim to show you a celebrity lookalike, the most recent and viral is the one from @emmasofija , which shows you what half of your face would look like if you were the star the filter chooses for you.

This one has also become popular on TikTok (” Who do I look like” is the name of this filter) and first appeared at the end of January 2022. It should be noted that although the results seem to be very random, they are still entertaining. (be careful, it’s cheating).

With one of these three applications, surely you will finally find some resemblance to a celebrity, although let’s take this as something fun and curious, not as something to take into account with respect to our appearance.


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