Top Cryptocurrency Hot List 2022

The worldwide cryptocurrency market is currently valued at over $1 trillion, fueled by strong rise in several leading altcoins over the previous 18 months. Although the market has taken a ‘breather’ lately, knowledgeable investors will appreciate that this is frequently part of its cyclical nature – meaning there’s still great potential for many major cryptocurrencies.

This post explores the most widely regarded cryptocurrency to buy in 2022, reviewing which projects have the absolute best value potential for cryptocurrency hot list.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA) (Recommended 1st cryptocurrency hot list)

no 1 choice in Cryptocurrency Hot List

The next hot crypto project on our list is Tamadoge. Since the name says, Tamadoge wants to exploit the extraordinary success of doge-based initiatives like Dogecoin, which became one of the best meme currencies back in 2021. However, Tamadoge distinguishes out from the group in this ultra-competitive climate by marrying meme coin potential with compelling application cases.

Unlike many meme currencies, Tamadoge offers genuine use, providing a compelling motivation for market players to obtain the token. Within Tamadoge’s ecosystem, users may mint ‘Tamadoge pets’, which are structured as NFTs. These pets may then be fed and played with, helping them grow into well mature canines.

Once the pet has developed, users may battle their pets against other players’ pets, earning Dogepoints for good gaming. Users with the leading Dogepoints at the conclusion of the month will receive a distribution of TAMA tokens from the prize pool – a similar strategy to many of the best play-to-earn games.

This hot doge crypto also removes the transactions tax connected to several meme currencies, meaning it’s liberal to buy and sell TAMA tokens. Over the future , this may assist enhance liquidity and make the token more appealing to traders. Furthermore, because portion of TAMA is burnt when in-game transactions are performed, this also makes the token deflationary — helping give upward price pressure.

Tamadoge pets

Tamadoge appears set to be one of the hottest new crypto projects of the year, and it’s still going through its presale phase at the time of writing. Early investors may acquire Tamadoge tokens at a discount, providing a platform for substantial profits once the currency lists on DEXs or CEXs. Interested parties may learn more by joining Tamadoge’s official Telegram group.

Visit Tamadoge Presale

2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) (Best “Meme Coin” in Cryptocurrency Hot List)

Chosen Meme Coin in Cryptocurrency Hot List

Our suggestion for the most widely regarded crypto to buy in 2022 is Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity is an NFT gaming platform that exploits the capacity of play-to-earn (P2E) features to create a fully-immersive user experience. Within Battle Infinity’s environment, users may participate in an NFT-based fantasy sports league and enjoy numerous DeFi protocols.

The fantasy league helps guarantee Battle Infinity are frequently categorised as one of the hottest crypto currencies on the market because it enables users to design their own sports team and earn points. The players employed in the league (named the IBAT Premier League) are structured as NFTs, meaning Battle Infinity’s users may even enjoy value improvements in the secondary market.

Battle Infinity

Rewards for top league table places are awarded in IBAT — Battle Infinity’s native token. IBAT offers numerous use cases, such being one of the best crypto staking platforms and conducting in-game transactions, while users also may buy Battle Infinity (IBAT) to receive exposure to the project’s development.

This hot crypto to shop for can also be utilised inside the ‘Battle Arena’, which is Battle Infinity’s rich metaverse environment. Within this world, users may buy parcels of virtual land, which are structured like NFTs. The land may subsequently be monetized by advertising on virtual billboards or maybe sold on the secondary market for profit.

Battle Infinity review

The possibilities are unlimited with Battle Infinity, and now that the project is KYC-verified on CoinSniper and audited by, there’s even more aspect of safety for investors. Battle Infinity’s presale has sold out. A PancakeSwap listing of IBAT is happening . Those wishing to find out more may do so via the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

Buy Battle Infinity

3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) (Crpto Gaming coin in Cryptocurrency Hot List)

Cryptocurrency Hot List Early Profitable Game

Another choice for the most highly regarded crypto to buy is Lucky Block. Lucky Block emerged as of the hottest new cryptocurrency projects of early 2022, offering a distinct combination of crypto-gaming mechanics and speculative potential. The latter was illustrated when LBLOCK was listed on PancakeSwap, yielding to quadruple-digit profits for presale investors.

Lucky Block’s frequent prize drawings make this hot cryptocurrency to shop for incredibly appealing to a wide population. However, Lucky Block’s team has also concentrated on the investing side of things, recently unveiling ‘LBLOCK v2’. method allows investors to buy Lucky Block while avoiding the 12% transaction tax on the original token.

fortunate block platform

This feature makes LBLOCK more appealing to active traders, which eventually helps enhance liquidity. Furthermore, as LBLOCK v2 is structured as an ERC-20 token, it’s now interoperable with the whole universe of dApps housed on the Ethereum network.

Although this hot cryptocurrency price has taken a pause lately, the new token listings on LBank and MEXC might offer the push required for a rebound. Lucky Block’s Discord channel is that the best location to maintain track on any more CEX listings in the weeks and months ahead.

Buy Lucky Block

4. ApeCoin (APE) (Hottest Cryptocurrency with Huge Potential)


Many investors feel that ApeCoin is probably the hottest cryptocurrency for 2022, because of the coin’s relationship to the super-popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection. BAYC is clearly one of the best NFTs to buy and has earned cult status inside the market. This status has benefitted ApeCoin, helping its price increase over 270% within the weeks after its launch.

ApeCoin could be the hottest cryptocurrency to buy owing to its price potential, which can be highly impacted by its ‘meme’ status. However, ApeCoin also has numerous use cases, such being utilised on ‘the Otherside’. this is frequently the BAYC creators’ next initiative and is set to be one of the best metaverse platforms of 2022.

APE has also been implemented into various blockchain-based games, notably the famous Benji Bananas platform. Furthermore, as ApeCoin is structured as a DAO, the token holders have the final vote about governance. Although its price has plummeted lately, ApeCoin remains one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of the year.

Buy ApeCoin

Your capital is at jeopardy . Crypto asset investments are very volatile and speculative.

5. Gala (GALA) (Cryptocurrency Hot List Choice for P2E Crypto Game)

Gaming Cryptocurrency in Cryptocurrency Hot List

Gala is taken into consideration by many to be the hottest cryptocurrency to buy inside the blockchain-gaming niche. This token is unique to the Gala Games ecosystem, which encompasses several play-to-earn (P2E) platforms. Players may acquire GALA tokens via skillful gaming, which they will use to buy in-game products.

Gala Games is furthermore one of the best crypto DAO initiatives as token holders may submit recommendations and vote on suggestions made by others. The platform also supports random NFT drops and daily GALA token awards, rewarding gamers to maintain coming back.

Many investors’ hot crypto price forecast is that Gala might become one of the breakthrough projects this year because to the rising popularity of P2E gaming. Finally, because Gala Games is now functioning on its own blockchain, termed ‘Project GYRI’, there could be space for even more intriguing improvements in the future.

Buy Gala

Your capital is at jeopardy . Crypto asset investments are very volatile and speculative.

6. FTX Token (FTT) (Cryptocurrency Hot List Multi Use Currency)

Multi Use Coin in Cryptocurrency Hot List

FTT logoFTX has emerged together of the best crypto exchanges in the previous few years, offering over 300 coins for users to trade. Like other exchanges, FTX has its own native cryptocurrency called ‘FTX Token’, which is utilised to improve the user experience.

It’s a hot cryptocurrency to shop for and has numerous use cases inside the FTX ecosystem, such being used to cut trading costs and staking. FTX Token is further utilised as collateral for futures bets as the platform focuses significantly on derivatives.

However, anyone wishing to shop for cryptocurrency for speculative purposes may also acquire FTT to obtain exposure to the FTX platform’s development. FTT’s price climbed an astounding 2,280% between November 2020 and September 2021, hitting an all-time high of $85. Although the value is much below that today, this demonstrates the token’s potential if a rebound were to occur.

Buy FTX Token

Your capital is at jeopardy . Crypto asset investments are very volatile and speculative.

7. Ren (REN)


Another of the newest crypto currencies to consider for investment is Ren. Originally titled ‘Republic Protocol’, Ren is a unique platform that lets investors to trade digital assets between multiple blockchains. Using Ren, investors who have BTC may lock their assets during a smart contract and receive the equivalent in ETH.

Ultimately this means that investors may connect with dApps on many chains without having to set up numerous of the best crypto wallets. Ren also provides a feature called ‘RenBridge’, which allows investors to wrap their tokens to be utilised on another network. for instance , someone who possesses BTC might lock up their assets and receive renBTC, which may be utilised on the Ethereum network.

According to the Ren Project website, approximately $115 million worth of assets has been coined across all chains utilising this software. The REN token has multiple use cases, including network fees, trading, and integrating with DeFi protocols. As interoperability becomes increasingly crucial, Ren might become the most highly regarded crypto to buy inside this sector.

Buy Ren

Your capital is at jeopardy . Crypto asset investments are very volatile and speculative.

8. Uniswap (UNI) (Hottest in De-fi Market List)

Cryptocurrency Hot List DeFi King

Uniswap logoUNI has long been hailed alongside of the best DeFi currencies on the market as it helps fuel the Uniswap protocol. Uniswap may be a decentralised exchange based on the Ethereum network, which leverages smart contracts to support token exchanging. Furthermore, Uniswap removes the typical ‘order book’ structure in favour of liquidity pools.

Uniswap may be a hot cryptocurrency to buy and has been a stalwart in the DeFi sector – over $7 billion in total value locked (TVL) at the time of writing. Much of Uniswap’s attractiveness derives from its ‘liquidity mining’ function, which enables investors to deposit crypto into liquidity pools and receive a part of the profits collected via token swaps.

UNI is utilised for governance, letting token holders to vote on how the community treasury is distributed and the other suggestions put forth. as long as the UNI price is up over 150% in the previous several weeks, this can be the next hot cryptocurrency to attract investors’ attention.

Buy Uniswap

Your capital is at jeopardy . Crypto asset investments are very volatile and speculative.

9. Balancer (BAL) (Amazing DeFi in Cryptocurrency List)

Hottest Defi in Cryptocurrency Hot List

The next hot crypto on our list is Balancer. It’s basically a ‘automated market maker’, like Uniswap, enabling users to swap ERC-20 tokens without an intermediary. However, combined with being one of the best DeFi exchangers, Balancer also provides other novel features.

Balancer includes a feature called ‘Balancer Pools’, which comprise from two to eight digital assets. These pools offer liquidity for traders, but feature an automated balancing system. This approach enables liquidity providers to earn fees from the traders that support the rebalancing.

Balancer also incentivizes investors to utilise the platform by distributing BAL tokens in proportion to the median GAS price. BAL tokens also being utilised to manage the system, with no transaction costs required to participate inside the voting process. owing to its essential qualities, Balancer has emerged since the hottest cryptocurrency right now within the DeFi industry.

Buy Balancer

Your capital is at Danger . Crypto asset investments are very volatile and speculative.


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